Coverpath Customer Account Center

how can we improve the user experience post-issue for a life insurance policy?

This project focuses on ways to improve the customer account center post-issue for a Coverpath by MassMutual life insurance policy.


UX Designer & Researcher

Figma, FigJam,

The Description

I work at Haven Technologies, a SaaS company that provides a platform for consumers to purchase life, annuity and disability insurance. Originally working to modernize purchasing life insurance, Haven Tech then was employed by MassMutual to work on Coverpath, an advisor-driven sales channel that serves as a tool for advisors to sell life insurance. In this project, I worked on the Coverpath product.

After a customer has purchased a Coverpath life insurance policy, they are directed to a customer account center with details about their policy. Improvements to this account center were the focus of the project.

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The work I did on this project is confidential and protected by an NDA. If you're interested in the work I did, please don't hesitate to reach out!
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